Promise, I'll be nicer

Well, at least I'll try.. You basically know me, but really, you don't. I was robbed of my things plundered of my blog and stolen of my heart


13 Movies Where the Bad Guy Wins

Thing I don’t get about Holy Week

Why do we CELEBRATE, and are even proud of when the very first Christians betrayed Jesus when Be needed them to have faith in Him and believe in Him the most? Also, what’s with all these vacations using the holy week as a reason?

I create personalities
devising on introducing identities
into people’s minds
creating different impressions
and leading conclusions
humoring a publicity of a figure
that life is nothing but a picture
and the truth is just an imagination
and everything is just what people know

I scare some away
comfort a number
inspire a handful
admire some
and in some thought,
they know me as how they see me
but never as I am

spilling secrets,
keeping most,
telling lies
revealing truths

but behind everything,
the real secret,
in spite of truths and lies,
is that no one actually knew me
not even myself

we’ll just let it easy..
feed on things
of the predicament of being here

that’s just how things are,
and there’s actually no trouble,

and yet there is..

I wake up with morning stars from the twinkle of last night’s tears
that in each morning, I just don’t even know what to think
on have I been a failure, or you’re really just stupid
but either of the two, in each heartbeat, the call is still that you left me
The hands of regret are shaking me ‘til my nerves go numb
and the waves truth are slapping me right on my face.. but I still won’t wake up
Is it me who let you go, or is it you who left me?
Hah! Why am I even asking?
In every angle, I’m still the loser here
That either if I talk to you or not, be with you or not, smile with you or not, you’re still not mine
And holding your hand will be like a job, like a bellboy reaching for your luggage to fit with the tip that you’ll give
And it will be living in a pattern
Of telling you I’ll be here, happy for you— but I am not happy
And the smiles are pieces of paper with written actions to show in a play
I keep thinking that bitterness should be like coffee,
In each sip, with warmth and flavor, I will awake,
But unlike coffee, the bitterness of alcohol makes me intoxicated
With the thoughts of you, and I fall in false hopes,

Hence, I know that I should forget you
I focused too much on time— that it repeats twice a day
But unlike time, the dates will never be the same because of one digit,
And I will remember, but it will never be the same again.

Kailangan ko pa bang palitan yung blog title ko ng “MAY NAGDEACT NG ACCOUNT KONG HINDI KO KILALA”

Tapos description “P.S. Hindi din siya nagpaalam”

Sakit sa ulo mag-ilaw!!! Tinatamad lang po talaga ko. Hahaha. Kala mo di naglilighting sa photography eh. Sa 3d pa nahirapan.

I can’t feel a single hate
in spite that you left me,
thrown me away,
stabbed my heart,
and acted like you didn’t care,
because I love you
and you just can’t hate someone you love

Maganda kahit di nakangiti, pano pa pag ngumiti diba?

Maganda kahit di nakangiti, pano pa pag ngumiti diba?

Crystals of Recaptures

Let me remind you of things.

In each drop, I’ll show a memory,

A memory not forgotten,

Only deeply hidden.

           Watching by windows, each drop

           Is a single, different memory

           Never one drop, the same

           Not all in this rain, for you

   They fall in tears,

   Never was it only sad—

   It reminds you of anger, joy, pain and content

   Yet the only thing you’ll feel is calm

                         Cool off your steam

                         With a cold weather and a dream

                         Hold on to your thoughts

                         As the clouds embrace you…     and your memories

A drop might seem too small

Falling from high above, separating

As it travels through air

Accelerating from clouds to drops

       Will not be for naught

       As they reach the ground

       Some will hang from roof edges.

       Dangling, sparkling, reflecting

       Catch these diamonds,

       But never catch them all— you can’t

       And of course some will be kept

       Sunken deep in the ground— hidden once more

      They’ll dry and be contained again—

      In clouds deep as thoughts

      No droplet was lost, only hidden

      Once more, to be remembered or not

The rain falls sluggishly,

And the streets now empty

Yet this man stays outside

Brave, but not smart

                  He wants to catch all these gems,

                  The memories, recaptured in each drop

                  No two drops the same, they say

                  But all he sees was one

      He tries remembering

      Let me remind you

      That you can never catch all

      Some will always be hidden

            He only sees one

            One memory, image, feeling

            Seeking in all of the rain

            He fails in seeing another

The desperation became a storm

Trying hard to remember

Those memories,

He never truly had

       His eyes was blinded by the rain

       He looks up, but cannot open his eyes

       The cold was inevitable,

       All these rain, now holding him

One can never cry enough

That all tears were

Some out,

Some kept

Heavy feelings can always be

Lightened, but never gone

Thus one can feel light

But never float, nor vanish

           And the rain washed his tears
           He only has one memory
           Let me remind you of things
           Things that he can never be reminded of…