i suck at being nice

You basically know me, but really, you don't.
I can do anything. I am invincible.
Brutally honest.


Magyayabang ka na nga lang, yung hindi pa totoo.

Naalala ko tuloy yung nagaya ng jam sa Lazer, tapos di pala marunong maggitara. Hahahahaha.


following back heaps♡


following back heaps♡

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shet shet shet, Fairy Tail 32, medyo relate kay Loke. Yung feeling na dahil sa pinili mong tama, di ka na makabalik, ikaw pa nagdusa. 

cabsanity asked: ☣ ☠ ✘

☣ - So far, wala.  

☠ - that’s like probably the same thing, tho phobias are a bit scientific, so let’s consider fear as an art. Same answer, probably wala, tho if ever, siguro the moment of the coming of the next stage. It makes me think too much at the very moment, but I don’t think I fear it, because I want to face it so badly.

✘ - I don’t hate things because I know how to understand, that there’s a readon about things. I usually just pretend that I’m hating things for the sake of living, but they just fascinate me more the more they annoy me. But there are circumstances when I just can’t accept things, then hate will be present. Pero kung magiging specific ako, circumstantial stupidity siguro.

Anonymous asked: ♋

Ilang beses nang natanong to. Not.

RF: It’s the sign of pisces, not 69

Entertain me

  • ⌛ - age?
  • ‼ - real name?
  • ✺ - eye color?
  • ✁ - hair?
  • ☿ - zodiac sign?
  • ☃ - tall/short?
  • ❅ - any sports?
  • ✈ - hobbies?
  • ❤ - single/taken?
  • ♋ - virgin or not?
  • ツ - any pets?
  • ☂ - favorite season?
  • ✐ - fave types of movies?
  • ❣ - how would it be your ideal date?
  • ☣ - phobias?
  • ☠ - fears?
  • ✘ - hates?
  • ° - ever were close to death?
  • ♧ -..... on drugs?
  • ♠ -.....smoked?
  • ♦ -.....had alcohol?
  • ❥ - sexual orientation
  • ♚ - favorite eye color?
  • ♛ - favorite hair color?
  • ♪ - music you like?
  • ✌ - favorite bands/ singers?
  • ♒ - fave animes?
  • ❦-.fave characters?
  • ✿ - fave kind of clothing?
  • ღ - mottos?
  • ✬ - photo of me?

The next stage is near
And I’d be ready for its coming
With the fear in my heart
To the living changes of surviving
Of keeping up with the present
And blindness of the future
I won’t escape
I can’t escape
Where there lies the restraints of knowing
And the next stage is coming
With more fears than I’ve survived
From the first three
And the fear will crush me
Until I face it
And I’ll be invincible
When eternity was my life
I must not hold back

I’d live to die for you.

1. Always carry earphones with you wherever you go. Nothing better than listening to music while people watching in public transport.
2. As pretentious as it sounds, a cup of tea in the afternoon is always good for you. Hell you don’t have to drink it reading some Bukowski shit or The Great Gatsby. 3. Take good polaroid pictures. Or just take good pictures of objects, strangers, your friends, or yourself.
4. Make art. Create something and give a portion of yourself to it. Show it. Or keep it in a box under you bed. It’s always nice to have something tangible that speaks about you.
5. Try going to places by yourself.Especially coffee shops. There’s just something strangely exciting with being by yourself and acting like you got it all together when deep inside your anxious as fuck on what to order at the counter.
6. Some days you’re going to ace the test but other days you wont. Whatever it is, it doesn’t measure who you are as a person. It’s just a math exam. It won’t matter in 10 years.
7. Don’t feel like going out on a weekend? Then don’t. Go waste your time on something you feel like doing and not what your friends call fun.
8. But also, do not take advantage of the company of good friends. Surround yourself with the people who love you and allow you to be yourself. And people who remind you you’re not as bad as you think you are.
9. It’s okay not to be okay. Those are your feelings and they are valid. You are allowed to be sad and be human but always remember that life is forgiving for the most part.
10. Sleep is the best temporary cure for anything.
11. Go on with whatever you have in your life right now. You are doing so well.
11. Learn. Learn to go on.

—How to go on with it by me (via gwymelove)

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